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Friday, February 29, 2008

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to my life in PH =.="

The day has been so stupid...so stupid that I still got the cheek to take photos.
Okok...let's take a ride on my workplace. :D
Morning morning go work at 10am. Do opening...
And then the show start.

The freezer was turned off when it's not supposed to. Must be those trainee managers mistake la. The plug got label, don't off...still go and off. Then, lagi best, the 'wettex' is in the freezer...freezing. But icecream all melt. CB. So i just relocated those icecream at the kitchen freezer. aiyo...then the small portion ones...I eat lor :D

Look the vanilla icecream. Gosh...there's a yellowish liquid.

Looks like oil. I tried it...WOW nice sia. I guess that's what makes vanilla icecream tastes good...that yellowish thing :D
So there goes me drinking the liquid...nice.
Next is the chocolate icecream. WoooOo. I pour inside a cup.

Tasty for sure! :P
Then here's the stupid wettex(melted liao) and the icecream container in the sink

The knife is quite new...but getting sucky...

Then gotta clean that stupid freezer cos' of the melted solids...

Not bad huh? The freezer started to get cold...

OK, time to refill the vanilla icecream.

Step 1: Cut the small portion so the big one one can fit to the big container.

Then dump the big portion to the big container...


TADAA!~~ cannot close =.=" CB...

Ok...so i just force it down so it can close. lol.
Things was alright..until the customers start to order...and I hate taking orders when I'm the cashier.

There's 2 table that made me caught-up. First was the china customers...which I have repeat and clarify their orders. When the food was served...they say different stories. =.=" Seriously...argh!
[This was what happen last night too. It was damn irritating...her son was like interupting and when i try to point at certain dishes to her...the small brat went to push my hand and talk to her mother. Furthermore, i have listen to her hard-to-be-understood pronounciation. So as usual, i repeat orders, and i emphasise...it's a THIN pizza right? She okok. lol. Then when pizza come, she say wrong pizza...she say 'THIN'...but what she's trying to say is THICK. =.="]

The order table was a demand for icemocha. Due to the trainee managers, i hv to show a good example by using the procedure...altho I can roughly estimated how much is consider enough. Then forget to put milk. WAH...smart. So I redo lor. This time didnt follow...but accidentally pour too many chocolate sauce. =.=" While I was doing that, many orders came out at the same time. CB.
So this is my stupid failures...

The one on the left was the icemocha with too many chocolate sauce..it looks kinda ugly with the chocolate on the side, that's why i re-do. However, it taste damn nice when i tried. :P
The right one was the one without milk. :D

And my award-winning for the most 'tidy' bar...

And the water overflow...:) lol.
This kinda mess happens whenever there's icecream..lol. That's my trademark. Everyone knows..when there's an order for icecream...my bar will look damn artistic. :D
And oh! There was an order of pasta without sauce...ermm...nice? No comment. It's just meat and meatball....and stary munchy and the spaghetti. err...

Going home that time...another caught up. I guess there is goin to be a complain letter. WHY? Customer order pizza...my colleague oso order pizza. Both takeaway. Normally if it's the customers' pizza, we will put it on the bar. And usually got the receipt. But oh well...blablablablabla...and gave the wrong pizza. =.=" CB-ness.

Went to my martial arts class with anger at the back of my mind. =.="


Trial Results

We have received almost all our papers. It was really nothing to be happy about. Some people are irritating me with his 'all As' or at least almost all, with his behaviour of 'I befriend only with smart ppl'.

Anyway, that's their problem.

Now, it seems that I am still not clear on how to answer source based questions. I failed both History and SS. I thought I know history content more than SS...but it seems like I scored SS more than history. It's a lenient marking. I can tell. Yet I still fail. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong for history...it's my source based! My physics is also deteriorating. For paper 1, i got 27/40. That's bad enough.
My EL...weak...49. =___=''

However, there is also some good news(at least to the sub teacher). For my chemistry, mdm fong wrote "a very good improvement". But she still say...practical is badly done. SO i'm likely to fail? I dunno. Then Emaths...i am kind of not happy even though MR Tay say I improve a lot....A1 but a WEAK A1. He also commented on my Amaths..he also say I hv improved a lot. Yet i only get C5. =___='' ARGH! OK...my mistakes for paper 1 are all careless mistakes and some really cant do. I believe I can actually scored REALLY well for it if I had the time to check everything or DO it carefully. Paper two...like I said, no confident. This is a mental problems that I have to overcome. Finally, my EL teacher actually wrote on my paper that my sentence construction has improved.

I just want to be a hero of myself.

Then the class, I think they did pretty well for comb humanities. I am trying to relax on bucking up my SS/His. I cant afford to kill myself no more. Yep...i m quite angry...haha..not demoralised. I dunno whether this is a good/right attitude but it's just me...hate to lose.
My weakest is my Comb Human and EL.


The adventure begins

Amaths paper 2, was difficult. Yea...like Emaths...paper 1 is giveaways while paper 2 is takeaways. Amaths is the same! haha..paper 1 is giveaways and paper 2 is takeaways. Well...actually it's still not difficult. It's just that I am not well prepared.
I realised I was not confident at all with most of the answers. I even stopped half way to the answer for some questions. After the paper ended, I went to CC to try some of the questions...oh..it's just me with no confident. I can actually get the answer...but I was not confident and thought why waste time on this unlikely-to-be-the-answer workings? haha..

It's a bit unfair cos' usually surface area formula of cone is given(like in tys). But Mr Tay with his "It's better to memorise", didnt provide us. HAha...6 marks gone. 10 marks gone for qn 12 and 6 more gone for velocity. Others are no time to think or no confident...wasted. ahha..and i was quite irritated with the invigilator..the HOD 'nyonya'. Walao! She always walk at my area...distracting me..then like act 'cough'. She does it as though I did something wrong...i know I am very slow la..but distracting me like dat is not fair for me. And I am weak in vectors.

OK...so today, I went to CC again. I was feeling more angry than tired. But in CC, i felt asleep. HAHA. I looked thru my Amaths paper 2...redo some. Calculated my lost marks...it's abt 47 marks lost. You know what that means...right? Fail. Damn...then I do my physics..ONLY. Did about 2 topics...ONLY. I was soooo behind time..cos' I was having a stupid migraine that held me back. Physics blue book and Emaths tys to be done. I hope I hv so much energy tonite to stay awake and complete them till tomorrow. But usually, i will end up sleeping la. =__=''



For some reasons, I am becoming to like English. No! Not the comprehension...but in writings. :)
Oh well, will it make any different to the current state of my English?
No use making such a statement.

Anyway, I'm back on track.

I was quite disappointed when Mr Tay say that the Amaths paper was easy. I mean, I cannot expect such things in the real O lvl. Maybe to others who cant do the paper, it is quite demoralising. TYS is all you need to build up your basic foundations as well as exposure. That's what I realised when some ppl ask me questions. EVEN i forgot some concept. I guess what Mr Tay said is true. Do TYS. :) Gosh...I haven done my Emaths TYS...there's a lot to cover!

Anyway blog, I will take you as my friend from now on. :)

I told someone, my only aim for this prelim is to pass EL. I guess with the fact that I failed my EL means I have failed myself. I was quite confident that I will pass back there, but the result prove me wrong.

I am running away...leaving bad memories to them...I'm gone :D


Bad result...

I know I've failed again. MAN! FARK! I am not demoralised...I am just angry!
ok...dont exaggerate.
But i am truly vexed. She told me at the wrong day and time. Physics paper was quite tough despite doing the red book, then came Ms Tan with her, "I think you have to do essay for me...". Oh great...another unproductive effort. "Ok," is all i said to end the conversation.

Hmm..what went wrong? I spent too much time on convincing myself what the answer for the comprehension question is to be. And not much time for summary. Worst of all, I guess the convincing part was not at all worth it. I guess I will have to practice more. Still got two more assesment book for EL. Will finish them before Olvl.

I am still progressing on my Amaths, Emaths and Chemistry. With all these done...I will concentrate on my physics and comb humanities. I must find a way to make myself remember the facts. I think I've got it. :) But still need to read the txtbook.

Goodnews: My migraine going away. Soon I will be back on track.
Badnews(forever): EL fail


The neutral Result

I feel funny, happy, bored, lazy..
Today, had my History paper. It was damn jialat. Not really ar. I didnt finish the structured and 1 source based. Social Studies also..worse than history. I already stated my reason for not doing well for SS. haha...migraine and reading the txtbook is as good as not touching it. Actually..history, all i did is read my notes. haha..scared too much info cannot absorb. So my notes is the best summarised version. Although a lot of points i missed out, it's better than SS which i know nothing at all.

Amaths paper...was surprisingly easy. Well...i hope I am smart enough la, but I dunno qn 4. Lost at least 4marks. haha...it doest mean I am good la. I may make a lot of mistakes....especially function! I know how to do but dunno how to express it. Besides, there's Amaths paper 2 coming. Tomorrow is physics. I really need to study chapters on electricity and radiation. Very weak at those.

Flashbacks>>> Emaths paper 1 was a BLISSSS. Emaths paper 2,...OH PUHLEASEE....no time to finish sia! Quite difficult somemore. I scared Amaths paper 2 also same x__x
Chemistry was ok. fair.


Problem Start to rise

I dont know about my condition. Maybe getting worse. Yesterday...whatever I read is lost instantly. My SS textbook and notes that i've read is as good as not touching them. However, today when I read some comprehension passage in CC...I can understand it. And yea, I did 3 topics of physics. Tomorrow may be my last day going CC because Sunday is already the starting of fasting month. I don't know how am I going to study by then. I need to find a solution. But often, they're not supported by my mom. Urgh! Can't she sense my urgency? I also did try to bring her attention to my migraine problem. She said go to the nearest clinic. Urgh!..it's EXpensive!! Why not just go to polyclinic!? She still needs money...and so do i. So with that suggestion of going to the nearest clinic, i shall call off the visit to the doctor.

Now my next problem is the fasting month. How to study? My mom still have doubt of me going to the nearest mosque in West Coast...she always say it's far from CC. I was like, so what? Can walk what...tat's what I always do on Friday. However, I wanna upped my demand. I want to bring a bike there...so I can cut the time of walking. You know...come and go to mosque. Furthermore...I hv religious test...urgh! Some period as prelims!!! And also the religious national exam...same period as OLVL!!.. solutions solutions...


The search for cure

Ever since I came back from CC on Sunday, I am feeling numb.
Yesterday, I felt that everyone in class and in CC was against me. And then I went for a haircut...which looks so yuck. Actually, all I wanted is to have the hair touching my neck and ears to be cut, but it turned out that a large scale of my sides were cut.Oh well...at first i was like: WADDEe...(then)..oh well...what is done is done. =__=

Today, I had little confident cos' of my hair and also the fact that I was late AND for not studying for SS. I served 2 hours detention outside the staff room. I was having lots of negative thoughts. I dislike what that Mrs Tan did...urgh..i felt as though she's being prejudice towards me. I think my lack of showing my cool side has deteriorated the respect that I should get. (Lol...since when did i deserve such respect? LOL) Okay..that was what i thought...my negative shits running wild.
After 2 hours of vex, I head down to the toilet...not to actually do my hair...but to wash my face. Saw Kamal...i ask him: "What's the different between migraine and headache"
As usual, he would answer formally for whatever reason...but I like it. So yea, I think i am actually having migraine and not headache. Maybe I should consult a neurologist. Would it be costly? no yes yes? Then forget it. :D

This is what I get from the web:
"Migraine without aura is the most prevalent type and may occur on one or both sides (bilateral) of the head. Tiredness or mood changes may be experienced the day before the headache. Nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light (photophobia) often accompany migraine without aura." -

"Migraine with aura is characterized by a neurological phenomenon (aura) that is experienced 10 to 30 minutes before the headache. Most auras are visual and are described as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision (called scintillating scotomas) or zigzag lines, wavy images, or hallucinations. Others experience temporary vision loss.

Nonvisual auras include motor weakness, speech or language abnormalities, dizziness, vertigo, and tingling or numbness (parasthesia) of the face, tongue, or extremities."

The Website

I guess I am having a general one then.
Evidence: Change of mood (numb feeling and negative) and headache today
Signs and symptoms: Hands feel cold...? Bullshit it's cos i m in the aircon room. haha.


Mistake or Excuses?

I found another mistake. It seems like the reason why I progress very slowly is due to my slow in thinking process. I really think slowly of what to do when I actually read the Amaths qns. So another point taken, I must not take my time to think.

Next is my hair. It is getting longer! I had my 'botak' haircut in June. Now in mid September, it's time to have it cut again. I think I just want to have the sides cut. It feels really irritating when it touches my ears and my neck.

Then I must also take precaution during studying. I must not twirl my pens. And I must wear sweater when going CC. It's getting colder. My body cannot withstand the cold temperature anymore, especially when other muggers in the room ser the degree so low. I will have to wear long sleeves. If I hv a pair of glove to keep my hands warm, I would put them on too.

Still not happy. I didn't have time to finish my maths. I realised I was too tired that i woke up at 9am this morning. I was awake by 6am...then trying to do my work, and eventually, I fell asleep till 9am. By then, my concentration has gone. I checked the forum for any new stuffs, but nothing. Thus, I ended up making noise pollution and didn't do my work till 12.

At about 4pm, I went to CC. I wonder if I actually open the door so hard every time that everyone is always looking at me. GEE..distrupt them from studying :)
Haix...tomorrow I am going to waste $7 on haircut. I mean, it's only the side that bothers me..the top part is alright. Anyway, it's better than being call out in school regarding my attire.



Despite the hours of sitting solving my Amaths TYS questions, I still don't feel any sense of accomplishment. Last night, I told my mom about my plans. I want to complete differentiation by that night, complete integration by today...and complete relative velocity on Friday. The first thing she say was, I need to sleep...then say I need to rest etc. I was just trying to get her support to let me stay up late or go to CC everyday and be home late. I want to tell her it's not as simple as 4-7hours of studying = I am very smart/hardworking. Ok...maybe I m wrong, it's all about my health.

So today, someone asked me about my revisions. She asked me what time I sleep every night, what hv i revised, etc. Well...I've completed most of my notes, but never on 'hands-on' stuff. I think I should just list out what I actually want to complete.

1) Amaths TYS
2) Emaths TYS
3) Physics (blue book) TYS
4) Chemistry FYS (at least 1 year)
5) Memorise all monster's sheets (the most important ones)
6) Complete (past years) prelim examination papers (at least one of each sub)
*All EL assessment is to be done almost everyday where there's time. [EL need practice]

These are some of it I can remember. And I want to complete them by THIS month. So far, what I have done is only my physics (multiple choice) TYS. And it's like only 1/10. And I finished the Physics TYS in 6 days when I actually wanted to finish it in 5days. Today is 14 of september. I hv 16 days left to complete what I want to for this month. By next month, I want to get everything perfect. There, the exposure of Mr Cool's plan. And today, I have not even done one question of integration...damn how to complete!?! I want to complete integration today!! Argh..haha...
OK, some ass will tell me to get real. Here's my reply: Look who's talking.

I am not intelligent like some of my classmates who can get distinction even with last minute preparation. I am not hardworking either, and I hate to be called a hardworker. I feel that being described as 'hardworking' is like you are FORCING yourself. So I would rather not be called 'hardworking'. Just call me a cool student will do. :D Cos' I am really cool :P.

Not knowing what stress is, can sometimes be an advantage. :)


My English is bad

This is bad. My EL results show no improvement but deterioration.
I wonder what has changed my EL teacher attitude towards me. Is it because of my Teachers' Day card? I said i wanna get A1s for all sub. :D I hope to get more attention because I need help. She's still has the mindset of me being weak in everything though. I am just too afraid to say that I am good at some subjects. I am not weak for sure.

It seems like I am left behind in English. I think I should observe what and how others think when they answer comprehension questions. With Nancy, I realised that she is faster in getting what the passage is trying to say. I'm too slow for her. I have to read a sentence for 3-5 times before I actually get what it is saying. I was fortunate that she did not bring her EL FYS and had to share with me that day, or else I will never find out what are my weaknesses.

Well today, we had great time wasting time. All thanks to the 'monster', as the class call it. She wanted us to stay back after school to study. With the class ill-discipline, pessismistic attitude and her absent, we end up wasting time. One thing for sure is that I realised that we are not like other students in other schools where the students actually take their time to go to library to study and mug. We are always fooling around. Despite the coming prelim examinations, we are still not serious. It seems like we have no sense of urgency. I can sense the teachers' anger now. However, I still think monster's way of drilling us is wrong. Our class is unlike any others. We're bunch of wild monkeys, and leaving us alone in the class or even with her around, wouldn't budged us a bit.


The Continuation of stepping stones

I'm trying to complete my physics TYS(multiple choice) in 5 days.
Everything went smoothly until yesterday when I found out I hv tons of schoolwork haven't completed. I am supposed to complete the whole book by today. I have 4 chapters left? Oh well...it's either I do it tonight or tomorrow.

I still have Amaths and Emaths TYS to be done. The class received some good lecture from the Maths teacher today. Yes! He rocks. He has the attitude of 'let the past be the past and concentrate on what you are going to do now'. I am only completing my physics and maths. Emaths still have miles to go, but quite simple...so is Amaths. It's just that I need some help in understanding some concept on differentiation and integration. Although this guy rocks, I feel that he isn't paying any attention to me. Yes, I understand...he got the whole class to take care of. I think i will have to chase that white-haired teacher then. His verbal explanation may be fast and confusing but he is willing to give me a visual form of explanation. :D I understand that way better.

Many people asked me whether I am stressed, my answer is 'no'. Well, I don't really know what stress is. But whenever i did something wrong or lazy, I will say I am stressed :P. HAHA...just an excuse. Maybe I am really stressed but I don't feel it. And during recess, someone say I am getting crazy cos' of stress. Changing my voice and disturb Wei Zhou 'breaking voice'. :D Well, I was just trying to appear cheerful and friendly.

Oh, today physics practical. It's really bad. The first question was like totally new to us. Or was it not? lol. Well, i will have to learn from my mistake then. Argh..

It's a bit unusual today in CC. Too many muggers and I was fortunate that there was 1 seat left. The Clementi Town regular muggers were there too, probably it's that girl who introduce the place to them. And I don't like my action today. I kept spinning the pens and it drop for like so many times...yet I was so arrogant and kept spinning. I was listening to my MP3, so I am not so bothered. :D A little bit inconsiderate of me. Then, I saw a cutie and a boy. Since there was not enough chair, they share seat. The girl looks more like a secondary school girl and the boy looks like some sort of primary or kindergarden kid. I don't know...but anyway, I was leaving by then. However, I didn't take the initiative to take the chair to them. Instead, i went to her and say, "You need a chair? there.."
Ehh...sounds rude sia. lol. Overall, i really dislike my attitude in CC today. So arrogant. Forgot to smile and i feel like I am acting 'action' or 'cute'. +__+ Yuck!

Must complete my physics and maths TYS...