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Monday, February 25, 2008

The neutral Result

I feel funny, happy, bored, lazy..
Today, had my History paper. It was damn jialat. Not really ar. I didnt finish the structured and 1 source based. Social Studies also..worse than history. I already stated my reason for not doing well for SS. haha...migraine and reading the txtbook is as good as not touching it. Actually..history, all i did is read my notes. haha..scared too much info cannot absorb. So my notes is the best summarised version. Although a lot of points i missed out, it's better than SS which i know nothing at all.

Amaths paper...was surprisingly easy. Well...i hope I am smart enough la, but I dunno qn 4. Lost at least 4marks. haha...it doest mean I am good la. I may make a lot of mistakes....especially function! I know how to do but dunno how to express it. Besides, there's Amaths paper 2 coming. Tomorrow is physics. I really need to study chapters on electricity and radiation. Very weak at those.

Flashbacks>>> Emaths paper 1 was a BLISSSS. Emaths paper 2,...OH PUHLEASEE....no time to finish sia! Quite difficult somemore. I scared Amaths paper 2 also same x__x
Chemistry was ok. fair.



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