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Monday, February 25, 2008

Mistake or Excuses?

I found another mistake. It seems like the reason why I progress very slowly is due to my slow in thinking process. I really think slowly of what to do when I actually read the Amaths qns. So another point taken, I must not take my time to think.

Next is my hair. It is getting longer! I had my 'botak' haircut in June. Now in mid September, it's time to have it cut again. I think I just want to have the sides cut. It feels really irritating when it touches my ears and my neck.

Then I must also take precaution during studying. I must not twirl my pens. And I must wear sweater when going CC. It's getting colder. My body cannot withstand the cold temperature anymore, especially when other muggers in the room ser the degree so low. I will have to wear long sleeves. If I hv a pair of glove to keep my hands warm, I would put them on too.

Still not happy. I didn't have time to finish my maths. I realised I was too tired that i woke up at 9am this morning. I was awake by 6am...then trying to do my work, and eventually, I fell asleep till 9am. By then, my concentration has gone. I checked the forum for any new stuffs, but nothing. Thus, I ended up making noise pollution and didn't do my work till 12.

At about 4pm, I went to CC. I wonder if I actually open the door so hard every time that everyone is always looking at me. GEE..distrupt them from studying :)
Haix...tomorrow I am going to waste $7 on haircut. I mean, it's only the side that bothers me..the top part is alright. Anyway, it's better than being call out in school regarding my attire.



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