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Monday, February 25, 2008


Despite the hours of sitting solving my Amaths TYS questions, I still don't feel any sense of accomplishment. Last night, I told my mom about my plans. I want to complete differentiation by that night, complete integration by today...and complete relative velocity on Friday. The first thing she say was, I need to sleep...then say I need to rest etc. I was just trying to get her support to let me stay up late or go to CC everyday and be home late. I want to tell her it's not as simple as 4-7hours of studying = I am very smart/hardworking. Ok...maybe I m wrong, it's all about my health.

So today, someone asked me about my revisions. She asked me what time I sleep every night, what hv i revised, etc. Well...I've completed most of my notes, but never on 'hands-on' stuff. I think I should just list out what I actually want to complete.

1) Amaths TYS
2) Emaths TYS
3) Physics (blue book) TYS
4) Chemistry FYS (at least 1 year)
5) Memorise all monster's sheets (the most important ones)
6) Complete (past years) prelim examination papers (at least one of each sub)
*All EL assessment is to be done almost everyday where there's time. [EL need practice]

These are some of it I can remember. And I want to complete them by THIS month. So far, what I have done is only my physics (multiple choice) TYS. And it's like only 1/10. And I finished the Physics TYS in 6 days when I actually wanted to finish it in 5days. Today is 14 of september. I hv 16 days left to complete what I want to for this month. By next month, I want to get everything perfect. There, the exposure of Mr Cool's plan. And today, I have not even done one question of integration...damn how to complete!?! I want to complete integration today!! Argh..haha...
OK, some ass will tell me to get real. Here's my reply: Look who's talking.

I am not intelligent like some of my classmates who can get distinction even with last minute preparation. I am not hardworking either, and I hate to be called a hardworker. I feel that being described as 'hardworking' is like you are FORCING yourself. So I would rather not be called 'hardworking'. Just call me a cool student will do. :D Cos' I am really cool :P.

Not knowing what stress is, can sometimes be an advantage. :)



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