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Monday, February 25, 2008

My English is bad

This is bad. My EL results show no improvement but deterioration.
I wonder what has changed my EL teacher attitude towards me. Is it because of my Teachers' Day card? I said i wanna get A1s for all sub. :D I hope to get more attention because I need help. She's still has the mindset of me being weak in everything though. I am just too afraid to say that I am good at some subjects. I am not weak for sure.

It seems like I am left behind in English. I think I should observe what and how others think when they answer comprehension questions. With Nancy, I realised that she is faster in getting what the passage is trying to say. I'm too slow for her. I have to read a sentence for 3-5 times before I actually get what it is saying. I was fortunate that she did not bring her EL FYS and had to share with me that day, or else I will never find out what are my weaknesses.

Well today, we had great time wasting time. All thanks to the 'monster', as the class call it. She wanted us to stay back after school to study. With the class ill-discipline, pessismistic attitude and her absent, we end up wasting time. One thing for sure is that I realised that we are not like other students in other schools where the students actually take their time to go to library to study and mug. We are always fooling around. Despite the coming prelim examinations, we are still not serious. It seems like we have no sense of urgency. I can sense the teachers' anger now. However, I still think monster's way of drilling us is wrong. Our class is unlike any others. We're bunch of wild monkeys, and leaving us alone in the class or even with her around, wouldn't budged us a bit.



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