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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Continuation of stepping stones

I'm trying to complete my physics TYS(multiple choice) in 5 days.
Everything went smoothly until yesterday when I found out I hv tons of schoolwork haven't completed. I am supposed to complete the whole book by today. I have 4 chapters left? Oh well...it's either I do it tonight or tomorrow.

I still have Amaths and Emaths TYS to be done. The class received some good lecture from the Maths teacher today. Yes! He rocks. He has the attitude of 'let the past be the past and concentrate on what you are going to do now'. I am only completing my physics and maths. Emaths still have miles to go, but quite simple...so is Amaths. It's just that I need some help in understanding some concept on differentiation and integration. Although this guy rocks, I feel that he isn't paying any attention to me. Yes, I understand...he got the whole class to take care of. I think i will have to chase that white-haired teacher then. His verbal explanation may be fast and confusing but he is willing to give me a visual form of explanation. :D I understand that way better.

Many people asked me whether I am stressed, my answer is 'no'. Well, I don't really know what stress is. But whenever i did something wrong or lazy, I will say I am stressed :P. HAHA...just an excuse. Maybe I am really stressed but I don't feel it. And during recess, someone say I am getting crazy cos' of stress. Changing my voice and disturb Wei Zhou 'breaking voice'. :D Well, I was just trying to appear cheerful and friendly.

Oh, today physics practical. It's really bad. The first question was like totally new to us. Or was it not? lol. Well, i will have to learn from my mistake then. Argh..

It's a bit unusual today in CC. Too many muggers and I was fortunate that there was 1 seat left. The Clementi Town regular muggers were there too, probably it's that girl who introduce the place to them. And I don't like my action today. I kept spinning the pens and it drop for like so many times...yet I was so arrogant and kept spinning. I was listening to my MP3, so I am not so bothered. :D A little bit inconsiderate of me. Then, I saw a cutie and a boy. Since there was not enough chair, they share seat. The girl looks more like a secondary school girl and the boy looks like some sort of primary or kindergarden kid. I don't know...but anyway, I was leaving by then. However, I didn't take the initiative to take the chair to them. Instead, i went to her and say, "You need a chair? there.."
Ehh...sounds rude sia. lol. Overall, i really dislike my attitude in CC today. So arrogant. Forgot to smile and i feel like I am acting 'action' or 'cute'. +__+ Yuck!

Must complete my physics and maths TYS...



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