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Monday, February 25, 2008

Problem Start to rise

I dont know about my condition. Maybe getting worse. Yesterday...whatever I read is lost instantly. My SS textbook and notes that i've read is as good as not touching them. However, today when I read some comprehension passage in CC...I can understand it. And yea, I did 3 topics of physics. Tomorrow may be my last day going CC because Sunday is already the starting of fasting month. I don't know how am I going to study by then. I need to find a solution. But often, they're not supported by my mom. Urgh! Can't she sense my urgency? I also did try to bring her attention to my migraine problem. She said go to the nearest clinic. Urgh!..it's EXpensive!! Why not just go to polyclinic!? She still needs money...and so do i. So with that suggestion of going to the nearest clinic, i shall call off the visit to the doctor.

Now my next problem is the fasting month. How to study? My mom still have doubt of me going to the nearest mosque in West Coast...she always say it's far from CC. I was like, so what? Can walk what...tat's what I always do on Friday. However, I wanna upped my demand. I want to bring a bike there...so I can cut the time of walking. You know...come and go to mosque. Furthermore...I hv religious test...urgh! Some period as prelims!!! And also the religious national exam...same period as OLVL!!.. solutions solutions...



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