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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trial Results

We have received almost all our papers. It was really nothing to be happy about. Some people are irritating me with his 'all As' or at least almost all, with his behaviour of 'I befriend only with smart ppl'.

Anyway, that's their problem.

Now, it seems that I am still not clear on how to answer source based questions. I failed both History and SS. I thought I know history content more than SS...but it seems like I scored SS more than history. It's a lenient marking. I can tell. Yet I still fail. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong for history...it's my source based! My physics is also deteriorating. For paper 1, i got 27/40. That's bad enough.
My EL...weak...49. =___=''

However, there is also some good news(at least to the sub teacher). For my chemistry, mdm fong wrote "a very good improvement". But she still say...practical is badly done. SO i'm likely to fail? I dunno. Then Emaths...i am kind of not happy even though MR Tay say I improve a lot....A1 but a WEAK A1. He also commented on my Amaths..he also say I hv improved a lot. Yet i only get C5. =___='' ARGH! OK...my mistakes for paper 1 are all careless mistakes and some really cant do. I believe I can actually scored REALLY well for it if I had the time to check everything or DO it carefully. Paper two...like I said, no confident. This is a mental problems that I have to overcome. Finally, my EL teacher actually wrote on my paper that my sentence construction has improved.

I just want to be a hero of myself.

Then the class, I think they did pretty well for comb humanities. I am trying to relax on bucking up my SS/His. I cant afford to kill myself no more. Yep...i m quite angry...haha..not demoralised. I dunno whether this is a good/right attitude but it's just me...hate to lose.
My weakest is my Comb Human and EL.



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