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Monday, February 25, 2008


For some reasons, I am becoming to like English. No! Not the comprehension...but in writings. :)
Oh well, will it make any different to the current state of my English?
No use making such a statement.

Anyway, I'm back on track.

I was quite disappointed when Mr Tay say that the Amaths paper was easy. I mean, I cannot expect such things in the real O lvl. Maybe to others who cant do the paper, it is quite demoralising. TYS is all you need to build up your basic foundations as well as exposure. That's what I realised when some ppl ask me questions. EVEN i forgot some concept. I guess what Mr Tay said is true. Do TYS. :) Gosh...I haven done my Emaths TYS...there's a lot to cover!

Anyway blog, I will take you as my friend from now on. :)

I told someone, my only aim for this prelim is to pass EL. I guess with the fact that I failed my EL means I have failed myself. I was quite confident that I will pass back there, but the result prove me wrong.

I am running away...leaving bad memories to them...I'm gone :D



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