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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad result...

I know I've failed again. MAN! FARK! I am not demoralised...I am just angry!
ok...dont exaggerate.
But i am truly vexed. She told me at the wrong day and time. Physics paper was quite tough despite doing the red book, then came Ms Tan with her, "I think you have to do essay for me...". Oh great...another unproductive effort. "Ok," is all i said to end the conversation.

Hmm..what went wrong? I spent too much time on convincing myself what the answer for the comprehension question is to be. And not much time for summary. Worst of all, I guess the convincing part was not at all worth it. I guess I will have to practice more. Still got two more assesment book for EL. Will finish them before Olvl.

I am still progressing on my Amaths, Emaths and Chemistry. With all these done...I will concentrate on my physics and comb humanities. I must find a way to make myself remember the facts. I think I've got it. :) But still need to read the txtbook.

Goodnews: My migraine going away. Soon I will be back on track.
Badnews(forever): EL fail



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