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Monday, February 25, 2008

The adventure begins

Amaths paper 2, was difficult. Yea...like Emaths...paper 1 is giveaways while paper 2 is takeaways. Amaths is the same! haha..paper 1 is giveaways and paper 2 is takeaways. Well...actually it's still not difficult. It's just that I am not well prepared.
I realised I was not confident at all with most of the answers. I even stopped half way to the answer for some questions. After the paper ended, I went to CC to try some of the questions...oh..it's just me with no confident. I can actually get the answer...but I was not confident and thought why waste time on this unlikely-to-be-the-answer workings? haha..

It's a bit unfair cos' usually surface area formula of cone is given(like in tys). But Mr Tay with his "It's better to memorise", didnt provide us. HAha...6 marks gone. 10 marks gone for qn 12 and 6 more gone for velocity. Others are no time to think or no confident...wasted. ahha..and i was quite irritated with the invigilator..the HOD 'nyonya'. Walao! She always walk at my area...distracting me..then like act 'cough'. She does it as though I did something wrong...i know I am very slow la..but distracting me like dat is not fair for me. And I am weak in vectors.

OK...so today, I went to CC again. I was feeling more angry than tired. But in CC, i felt asleep. HAHA. I looked thru my Amaths paper 2...redo some. Calculated my lost marks...it's abt 47 marks lost. You know what that means...right? Fail. Damn...then I do my physics..ONLY. Did about 2 topics...ONLY. I was soooo behind time..cos' I was having a stupid migraine that held me back. Physics blue book and Emaths tys to be done. I hope I hv so much energy tonite to stay awake and complete them till tomorrow. But usually, i will end up sleeping la. =__=''



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