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Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome to my life in PH =.="

The day has been so stupid...so stupid that I still got the cheek to take photos.
Okok...let's take a ride on my workplace. :D
Morning morning go work at 10am. Do opening...
And then the show start.

The freezer was turned off when it's not supposed to. Must be those trainee managers mistake la. The plug got label, don't off...still go and off. Then, lagi best, the 'wettex' is in the freezer...freezing. But icecream all melt. CB. So i just relocated those icecream at the kitchen freezer. aiyo...then the small portion ones...I eat lor :D

Look the vanilla icecream. Gosh...there's a yellowish liquid.

Looks like oil. I tried it...WOW nice sia. I guess that's what makes vanilla icecream tastes good...that yellowish thing :D
So there goes me drinking the liquid...nice.
Next is the chocolate icecream. WoooOo. I pour inside a cup.

Tasty for sure! :P
Then here's the stupid wettex(melted liao) and the icecream container in the sink

The knife is quite new...but getting sucky...

Then gotta clean that stupid freezer cos' of the melted solids...

Not bad huh? The freezer started to get cold...

OK, time to refill the vanilla icecream.

Step 1: Cut the small portion so the big one one can fit to the big container.

Then dump the big portion to the big container...


TADAA!~~ cannot close =.=" CB...

Ok...so i just force it down so it can close. lol.
Things was alright..until the customers start to order...and I hate taking orders when I'm the cashier.

There's 2 table that made me caught-up. First was the china customers...which I have repeat and clarify their orders. When the food was served...they say different stories. =.=" Seriously...argh!
[This was what happen last night too. It was damn irritating...her son was like interupting and when i try to point at certain dishes to her...the small brat went to push my hand and talk to her mother. Furthermore, i have listen to her hard-to-be-understood pronounciation. So as usual, i repeat orders, and i emphasise...it's a THIN pizza right? She okok. lol. Then when pizza come, she say wrong pizza...she say 'THIN'...but what she's trying to say is THICK. =.="]

The order table was a demand for icemocha. Due to the trainee managers, i hv to show a good example by using the procedure...altho I can roughly estimated how much is consider enough. Then forget to put milk. WAH...smart. So I redo lor. This time didnt follow...but accidentally pour too many chocolate sauce. =.=" While I was doing that, many orders came out at the same time. CB.
So this is my stupid failures...

The one on the left was the icemocha with too many chocolate sauce..it looks kinda ugly with the chocolate on the side, that's why i re-do. However, it taste damn nice when i tried. :P
The right one was the one without milk. :D

And my award-winning for the most 'tidy' bar...

And the water overflow...:) lol.
This kinda mess happens whenever there's icecream..lol. That's my trademark. Everyone knows..when there's an order for icecream...my bar will look damn artistic. :D
And oh! There was an order of pasta without sauce...ermm...nice? No comment. It's just meat and meatball....and stary munchy and the spaghetti. err...

Going home that time...another caught up. I guess there is goin to be a complain letter. WHY? Customer order pizza...my colleague oso order pizza. Both takeaway. Normally if it's the customers' pizza, we will put it on the bar. And usually got the receipt. But oh well...blablablablabla...and gave the wrong pizza. =.=" CB-ness.

Went to my martial arts class with anger at the back of my mind. =.="



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